What is Risk?

Risk is anything that can detrimentally impact your wealth, in the broadest context.  Risk can also be opportunity.

What keeps you awake at night?

Do you and your board know what risks may prevent your organisation from achieving it's strategic aims? 

Do you have a framework to analyse the consequences and likelihoods of these risks happening?

Do you know what gaps exist between your intent and impact?

Do you know what space there is for opportunity to be embraced?

If we don't identify and manage risk, risks crystalise and beat us and we miss opportunity!  

You need help from Wealthbeing!

We work with your Board or executive team to facilitate a risk assessment workshop to embrace both risk and the opportunities to improve the success, health and resilience of your organisation. The outcome is a robust risk management framework which highlights what needs Board and management attention and your precious resources of time and money.

Can you answer these questions:

What keeps you awake at night?

What prevents your organisation from being vibrant, healthy and resilient?

What might prevent you from achieving your objectives or goals?

What is preventing your people from thriving, prospering and developing? 

What aha moments are you missing?

How do you find and address the blind spots?


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