Purpose & Values

Let’s get personal – and talk purpose and values!

At Wealthbeing our purpose is to coach and share a “health is wealth” approach to encourage life-long positive energy and purpose in others while minimising stress, managing risks and embracing opportunities. 

Time is finite and gone, it’s external to you. BUT energy?  It’s expandable, renewable and internal to you!  You might be asking what our energy sources are?

Social (our communities, teams and workplace cultures)

Physical (for presence and quantity of energy)

Emotional (quality of energy)

Mental (positive and purposeful, meaningful)

And that is WHY we have built Wealthbeing: a 'health is wealth' framework that addresses organisational initiatives, individual resilience and lifestyle habits around these dimensions. 

We want you to be the very best brilliant and resilient beings out there, by tapping into the energy sources you already have, inside out!


Health = Wealth

You’re number 1!

Be generous

With time, space and listening

Be grateful

For everyone and everything, you HAVE enough!

Be courageous

Do what feels right!

​Be genuine

Authentically, real, unique, you ARE enough!

Learning, always

Embrace learning, curiosity and discovery


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