Fall in love with taking care of yourself... inside out!

Our workshop retreats are limited to 8 people.  Scheduled for 23/24 May, 20/21 June and 4/5 July 2020.

This is your "Don't panic!" button: we will offer $825 'early bird' option to first 2 bookings for each of May, June and July weekends. Bookings will need to be confirmed with $825 upfront and will need to be made before end April 17 2020.

Men's one day workshops will be run 6/7 June and 15/16 August. Look out!  

We're redefining how you measure your wealth!

Wealth is the abundance of time, healthy resources, possibilities, positive relationships, resilience and energy in your life. You spend your wealth to achieve purpose.  How well do you protect your health and therefore your wealth?

As a Wealthbeing you understand the value of looking after yourself and that unless you do, you are no good to anyone. 

As a Wealthbeing you are authentic and have a holistic view of your value and your social, physical, emotional and mental health. 

As a Wealthbeing you have strategies to learn, grow and prosper when faced with setbacks, adversity, negativity or failure.

As a Wealthbeing you're brilliant, highly resilient and passionate!

So why do we do what we do when we know what we know?

The gap between intent and actual impact is a blind spot. What blindspots prevent you from being the very best thriving, flourishing and vibrant version of yourself?

Join us in a safe, nurturing and interactive environment to fill those gaps, identify risks to your intention, be nourished – physically, mentally and emotionally - and arm yourself with tools of resilience to make a life changing impact!  

You’ll leave nourished and filled with purpose, with sustainable actions and life changing gems about how you live and look after yourself, and those you love.

The outcome is enduring behavioural change – sustainable wellbeing habits that are automatic. 

The outcome is your sustainable brilliance and resilience!


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