Praise from Stainless Design's CFO:

We had the pleasure of working with Rhonda on a Building Resilience Programme for our Leadership Team. We take our responsibilities around health very seriously and we are keen to assist our people in all aspects of their personal well-being and help them to be the best that they can be.

Rhonda took the time to understand our business and our culture, before designing and delivering a Programme that was tailored to our objectives.   Rhonda is extremely passionate about total wellness and she is very skilled at presenting information and connecting with people to ensure it is interesting and fun. It was fantastic to see the way that our team engaged in the sessions and based on the feedback, we have already sparked some behaviours and changes that will make a positive difference.

We look forward to continuing the journey with Rhonda and bringing more of our team through the programme, as well as exploring other aspects of wellness and opportunities for personal development.

Feed back from Kia Puawai participants - Shama

The programme has had a huge impact in my life.  Before I could only care for others and didn't have time to think of my career or wellbeing.  Now I allocate time to rest, think, plan and eat (mindfully).  My self esteem has risen and I have learned not to say YES to everything.  I am now being assertive in a positive way.  Rhonda was so encouraging,friendly and professional respecting opinions and giving opportunity to speak and accommodate others views.  I liked her smile and winning personality.

Feedback from Kia Puawai participants: Justice Dept

I found the programme very good and not too 'intensive'.  Rhonda's approach allowed me to just relax and enjoy. At the beginning of the day it was great as it allowed me to incorporate some learnings in the workplace.  I could see the value in improving wellbeing and appreciated the opportunity to participate.  Amazing topics , some were just so simple and yet so very helpful.  A great learning environment with other colleagues. 

Absolutely essential to my work life now.

Rhonda has motivated me to take my wellbeing seriously and I have taken on another programme.

Rhonda is a greater presenter, very knowledgeable.  I dont want to miss any presentation!

The programme has helped me learn to now sweat the small stuff and how to prioritise what is good for me and my wellbeing, which brushes off on those around me.

Praise from Sport Waikato's CEO

Rhonda didn’t take long to understand our organisation and it’s specific needs.  She worked well with our staff to provide an open, honest and trusting forum for feedback to help form our organisation’s draft wellness framework.

Rhonda’s excellent ‘people experience’ showed through in her ability to bring our new organisational value to life and unpack the importance of understanding and dealing with resilience in the workplace.

Rhonda worked with our Leadership Team to facilitate and draw out our thoughts as to how we can improve our employee experience. This involved some critical conversations, challenging moments and ultimately clear defined direction.

Matthew Cooper, CEO Sport Waikato

Feeback from Kia Puawai participants: Aspire

Thank you for choosing us to run this programme, Rhonda was easy to listen to, excited about what she shares and gave us excellent advice.  I really enjoyed attending certain aspects of the programme. I have shared at home and at work, we remind each other of parts of the programme. I hope it continues, thank you Rhonda!

This experience should be something every work place undertakes.  Great team building which in turn creates a happy and productive environment.  What you say and how you say hings can impact positively or negatively, using the more negative impact in a more constructive and beneficial way improves work and personal life. I have gained more confidence from the experience.  Rhonda knows her subjects well and presents in a way everyone understood and could fully participate.

I have really enjoyed the sessions and feel they have had a positive impact on me as a person.  All topics are so relevant to women today and the teamwork has been great as it developed over time. Great feedback from the Aspire team and so beneficial for people's health and wellbeing.

And from Kia Puawai: Waikato Women's Refuge

The programme is always using relevant content to support our wellbeing.  I like the variety of topics, some days its mindfulness-based , other days its more around your physical wellbeing.  This makes you look at your wellbeing as a whole instead of just the physical impact of your lack of self-care.  More mentality based topics are things you haven't realised you neglected, the programme gives you time to reflect on your health and get yourself in check again! Not only does Rhonda encourage you, but they offer the tools including handouts and healthy food options, so you are able to achieve the goals you set.  I have felt super proud that Te Whakaruruhau offers this programme to their staff and several times have promoted the programme on my social media.

Praise from an NGO CEO - one day session

The Child Matters team spent a day with Rhonda, Kia Puawai trainer.  The Kia Puawai trainer spent time prior to the training consulting with our organisation to ensure the training was tailored to ensure it was beneficial for our  team.  The result was a day that enabled our team to spend intentional time learning, discussing,  and reflecting on stress management, resilience, work life balance and important elements of overall wellbeing such as sleep and diet.  The unanimous feedback from our team was that the day was a valuable tool to facilitate new learning and refresh proven concepts to assist with wellbeing.  The trainer was able to bring her knowledge and authenticity to lead a thoughtful but enjoyable day.  The Child Matters team have between them many years of experience working in the areas of Child Abuse and Neglect and Family Harm.  Team members are resilient individuals and the organisation has established processes for supervision and support for staff.  However there were benefits to having an external programme and facilitator, such as:

  • external facilitation that allowed discussion with the whole team at once, including management  
  • an external trainer who was able to bring another dynamic and facilitate open discussion and reflection, that would have been difficult for an internal trainer to achieve
  • as well as being informative, the day was also an enjoyable team building exercise

In the social sector staff normally have commitment and dedication to their service delivery.  However there is often not enough focus on the well-being and sustainable resilience of these individuals and teams.   The Kia Puawai programme is a way for organisations to offer support to their teams that is otherwise not provided due to demands on resources and time.  I applaud the Kia Puawai team for recognising this need and offering this service.

Praise from an NGO CEO - weekly programme

At Cambridge Community House we highly valued the Kia Puawai sessions that Rhonda delivered. They were highly engaging and hit the spot, so often as workers for a charity delivering social and family services we let our own wellbeing slide as we strive to help and support others.

These sessions allowed our team and volunteers to focus on themselves for the full 45 minutes and self-reflect on many different topics over the 13 weeks. For many of us these sessions acted as a reminder that self-care is important and to put it back to the top of our to-do lists. With many of our team working with client situations of hardship or family violence for example, this can take an emotional toll on their wellbeing and taking this time to refocus is extremely helpful to them. 

The sessions were delightfully delivered too, by a very skilled and engaging facilitator, who kept us all on track and yet gave enough slack to allow us to follow our own pathway relevant to us personally and as an organisation. 

Kia Puawai is a truly brilliant set of workshops that I would strongly encourage any organisation to take up, it’s a must do for the wellbeing of your team, which ultimately benefits your organisation and the communities you work with.

Thanks again for the wonderful sessions! 

Praise from RAW (prisoner) participants - SO PROUD OF THIS!

What is a Wealthbeing...

The Wealthbeing team believes that you're no good to anyone if you don't look after yourself – whether that be a corporate, a team or yourself. This belief is evidenced through a culture of identifying risk, building nourishment and providing resilience tools. 

We want you to be the very best brilliant and resilient beings out there, by tapping into energy sources you already have, inside out!

The Wealthbeing team helps you fill the gap between intent and impact through managing risk and building resilience. The outcome is brilliance and resilience!

At Wealthbeing we take a very holistic view of 'health'.  The health of your body, your mind, your emotions, your organisation, your employees... this is because there is a huge difference between making a lot of money and making a lot of life!

A Wealthbeing is passionate, brilliant and highly resilient!

A Wealthbeing is authentic and has a holistic view of their value and their physical, emotional and mental health

A Wealthbeing has strategies to learn, grow and prosper when faced with adversity, negativity or failure

A Wealthbeing embraces opportunity and will fill the gaps between intent and impact to minimise blindspots

A Wealthbeing identifies and manages risks, responding quickly, adaptively and effectively to challenges, setbacks and change

Wealthbeing's WHY...

WHY - It is health that is your real wealth. Like Ghandi, at Wealthbeing we take a very holistic view of both health and wealth.  Wealth is an abundance of time, healthy resources, possibilities, positive relationships, resilience and energy. We're talking about the health of your body, your mind, your emotions, your organisation, your people...

Your people are your first and last line of defence around risk and safety, they are your culture, your walking talking brand advocates and your energy (productivity).  This insight has led us to develop Wealthbeing, a unique and holistic risk and resilience offering. 

If you don't address risk in your organisation, you're not prepared and you're missing opportunities. One extreme risk that organisations commonly face is the wellness, the engagement, the brilliance and resilience - of their people. Remember, if you don’t look after your people, they’re no good to you. And if we don't build resilience, our lives are filled with unnecessary stress.  

Imagine if we identified and managed risk?

Imagine if we built resilience and minimised stress?

Imagine if we lived our life on purpose and with purpose?

This solutions can be simple, and we can work with you to fill the gaps around risk and resilience!

Wealthbeing's WHAT HOW WHO WHEN...

WHAT – personal development, organisational development, strategic development relating to risk, and resilience

HOW –  we identify risk at a strategic and personal level, we nourish your culture and soul and we provide risk and resilience tools.

WHO – Wealthbeing was founded by Rhonda Parry for all 'beings' - an organisation, a team, a family or an individual.

WHEN – We know creating wellness and resilience is not an event, it involves significant culture change.  That’s why we develop a programme to suit you, whether your 'being' is an organisation, a team, a family or an individual.  On demand and scheduled as necessary.  Send us an enquiry!


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