About Rhonda

I'm a trainer.

I'm a facilitator.

I'm a speaker.

I'm a mum, a wife, a sister, daughter and friend. Just like you.

I've become a Wealthbeing through my own blood, sweat and tears! 

I'm passionate about enabling people and businesses to embrace risk (stepping outside their comfort zone!) and opportunity in equal measure, and to build resilience in a challenging world.

And I am soooooo passionate about helping YOU live your life on purpose and with purpose.  

I thrive on helping people achieve a fully balanced life, rich in time, energy and positive relationships so that they are performing at their most brilliant, mindful and resilient.

Here's what participants of our Living Life on Purpose had to say:

"When I filled the booking form I was a little weary of sharing.  I was, what I now know, experiencing ‘shame for my vulnerability’.  I finish this weekend understanding vulnerability and I feel empowered by it.  I feel privileged and fortunate to have been part of this weekend and grateful for the tools that I now are going to make a significant positive impact on my life.  Rhonda, what an amazing result from what I can only imagine has been a marathon of work, a 5-star experience. Thank you beautiful lady." - participant March 2020

"This was a gathering of people to discuss and learn how to be mindful, how to understand tolerance of others and self-approval.  It was peaceful, safe, nurturing, enriching and empowering. Rhonda, you have a great talent for allowing the sharing of stories and bringing people back to focus. Clearly a seasoned and skilled presenter. Articulate and passionate.  Can’t wait to see you fly!
The mix of discussion, theory and practical exercises was beautifully balanced. The weekend allowed for structure, variety, pleasure and free time for discussion and personal growth with the group.  Just beautiful." - participant March 2020

“Living with Purpose”. This title, after the weekend, totally makes sense and is spot on for the content.  How I feel: I feel like I have an understanding of why I act in a certain way and through knowledge and small thought change and habits (good ones) I can be a better wife, mum, colleague.  The workbook is brilliant because there is so much content and two days isn’t that long in reality. The workbook is super useful due to the amount of things you are learning in a short time.
100% believe I now have an understanding of concepts, I now want to work deeper on the gaps eg ‘authenticity and assertiveness’. ‘habit changes’, science of self acre. Self-compassion – how to ditch your criticism." - participant March 2020

"This workshop was a powerhouse of tools and skills and knowledge to assist me realise my dreams and break problems and reactions into bite size manageable chunks. It was grounded, practical and filled with useful skills for life.  The weekend was set at a good pace, and covered so much in such a short space of time without seeming rushed at all.  There is lots to look back on, but not overwhelming.  The workbook is a great resource to flick to. Overall it was magnificent. 
Food was fantastic, loved the wholefood focus and excellent lesson in terms of nutrition.  Huge thank you to all food sponsored for valuing our brains and bodies enough to feed us so well.
I really loved your ability to cover so much information in a short space of time and so clearly and include everyone’s input and stories too! You give so much of yourself over the weekend, with apparent ease." - participant March 2020


“Rhonda is a motivated and results focused manager who has a proven ability to drive business performance through people and process. Her background as a CA provides a solid commercial overlay in senior level decision making and management. Rhonda has demonstrated her capability to manage multiple projects and drive business outcomes while ensuring that organisational culture and reputation is enhanced. A genuine team player and high contributor at Senior Leadership level who I enjoyed working with”

“I have known Rhonda over many years through my role as a Board Member of BDO New Zealand Ltd. During her time on the Executive of BDO NZ, Rhonda guided and supported the Network through a period of significant growth and cultural change with her role ranging from seeking smarter, more efficient ways of "keeping the wheels turning" through to recommending and establishing functions, processes and procedures "from scratch". Rhonda's intelligence, drive and persistence were invaluable in making that role a success and moving the Network forward. Rhonda's strong work ethic and research skills are guided by a well grounded sensitivity to the interpersonal, soft skills underlying leadership and this saw her develop strong influencing skills across a diverse, decentralised and challenging business environment.”


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