Having the courage to be IMPERFECT

Because you ARE already ENOUGH

How much of your precious time and money do you spend  trying to be perfect? Trying to look or be like someone else? Hiding the flaws in our skin, our body shape and our personality?  But what if, just for a moment - or maybe even the rest of your life - you embraced everything there is about you, the good the bad and the ugly, and accepted you are enough? Already.  

You are smart enough, beautiful enough, kind enough, thin enough, unique enough, rich enough, clever enough, brave enough.....

Imagine how that might feel. What would open up for you?  What would you do with your spare time and money? And more importantly - who would you become? 

That's right, you'd become YOU.  The truest version of you, not trying to be anyone else. This reminds me of an Oscar Wilde quote - "be yourself, everyone else is taken". True.

I've recently enjoyed the exhilarating and liberating experience of accepting my imperfections and knowing i am loved for myself.  I am enough.  It began with a friend with whom I did trail running.  Every time we met we would be sweaty, muddy, possibly grumpy and always exhausted. And on some occasions injured - immunisations rendering one of my arms useless, a sore back and countless late nights - that invariably meant I wasn't always at my 'trail running peak'. But regardless our friendship grew from this space and place.  The embracing of our imperfect physical selves grew into an appreciation of our less-than-perfect emotional and mental selves.  And an awareness of how much there is to learn about ourselves!  And it's almost because of this, that our friendship grew to be the most valuable and precious in my world. My friend helped me learn - then accept - that I am enough.  And that I always have been.

So I encourage you to talk to yourself using kinds words, not expecting perfection, but knowing you are complete, enough and completely perfect just the way you are!  Enjoy the freedom and confidence this brings.

Check out this clip: The Biggest Disease Affecting Humanity: “I’m Not Enough" by Marisa Peer


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